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“I have worked with Lee and his colleagues for more than 10 years across three different information systems companies. Lee and his team of consultants have an extensive network of healthcare professionals and tremendous industry and domain knowledge that they deploy very effectively in the process of each search. They are not only a terrific partner in the process of recruiting and retaining a great team, but have added significant value to our business in several ways. The Lee Calhoon & Co. team has consistently gone far beyond our expectation in executive search and assisted Board members, Investors and senior team members in identifying the critical link between strategic imperatives and key personnel. In addition, they have been instrumental in using their network in the industry to introduce us to other key executives who have become strategic business partners, Board members, and customers. I consider Lee Calhoon & Co. an important extension of our team and an important factor in our success.”

President & CEO
Healthcare BPO Company

“I have had the very positive experience of utilizing Lee Calhoon & Co. for a number of important administration, operations and physician searches for my System. In each instance, I was very pleased with the results of the engagement. I benefited from the following characteristics of the search: the urgency that Lee Calhoon infused into the process; the understanding of the position requirements and the appropriate candidate skill set; the sensitivity to the match of the candidate's style to the culture of our organization; the quality of the candidate pool and the number of fine choices placed before our search committee; the continuous communication about the progress of the search and the rapid turnaround time from the start of the search to the selection of a candidate; and the follow-up attention to insure that the candidate and the Organization were in fact, a good and proper fit. I would recommend Lee Calhoon & Co without reservation to any of my counterparts and friends.”

Regional Hospital System

“I have been associated with Lee Calhoon & Co for ten years. I believe that I have a very unique relationship with Lee Calhoon & Co in that I have been both placed by them and have used them to fill over a dozen senior level positions during that time. I have found Lee and his team to be experts in the health care field and to possess a very significant database of highly qualified individuals with health care experience. They are also very skilled in the recruiting process and are able to source highly qualified candidates at all levels. I think that they are particularly skilled at recruiting hard to find senior people. The Calhoon team is also a great group to work with -- they are professional, communicate often and well, resolve problems and issues promptly and seem to enjoy what they are doing. From a candidates perspective they are one of the best groups that I have ever encountered. They represent the company that has hired them with the highest level of professionalism but also go out of their way to make their candidates feel special. They communicate with their candidates often, give very prompt client feedback, help negotiate fair compensation packages and do a great job of hand holding during the negotiating process. I have just started another senior management search with Lee Calhoon & Co and it has started with the same enthusiasm, organization and commitment as all of the others have. Excellent candidates have been identified after only two weeks and it looks as though I will be able to meet my timeline for filling this very important position. I recommend Lee Calhoon & Co both personally and professionally.”

Chief Executive Officer
Technology Company

“Our Health Plan is the largest managed care organization of its kind in the U.S. with multi-regional operations and several product lines. Recruiting and hiring creative, highly skilled and motivated executives is essential to the ongoing success of our mission driven organization. We have found that the key to an effective hiring process lies in partnering with an aggressive search firm that knows our industry and has an extensive network that is second to none. For us, that search firm is Lee Calhoon & Co. Because they focus entirely on the healthcare industry, they have a clear understanding of the intricacies of each position we are trying to fill. Lee Calhoon & Co. assisted us in recruiting our several of our most senior administration and operations officers. The firm's coordination of the entire process, as well as the pool of candidates they surfaced, positioned us to make the best possible decision for our company. The efforts of Lee Calhoon & Co. go far beyond passing along a resume and scheduling an interview. Lee and his team work tirelessly to ensure that the successful candidate will fit comfortably into our health plans culture and add value to our management infrastructure for years to come. If a healthcare firm is looking to fill a key executive position, look no further than Lee Calhoon & Co. Their professional and hands-on approach cannot be matched.”

President & CEO
Large National Health Plan

“Here we were: after a premature IPO, we were going through a "bet the ranch" launch of a new service serving a new market, managed care organizations (MCO's) and large, self-insured employers. Our CFO was burned out and wanted a change, and we needed a new one yesterday. We needed a CFO familiar with early-stage, post-IPO companies and an understanding of the economics of selling a PMPM service to MCO's. I was astounded how quickly we had a highly qualified performer on board. Every story has an ending. In time, our firm’s stock price rose meteorically; a merger with a large, pre-IPO competitor was consummated; and a large firm bought the company at a premium price.”

President & CEO
Healthcare Service Firm and Partner in Venture Capital Fund

“As the CEO of a large hospital system, I take great care to assure that we recruit the very best talent available so that we can provide the best service for our community. We first retained Lee Calhoon & Co several years ago for an important physician specialist search. That search led to the hiring of a highly regarded physician who has dramatically improved our performance in a major clinical program. It was a most successful endeavor. Lee Calhoon & Co is more than a search firm; they view themselves as partners helping solve a problem. They do much more than write a specification based upon industry convention; they relentlessly drive to understand their client's key functional and personal skill requirements, constituency priorities and hospital culture - to make sure that the client hospital gets candidates to evaluate that are most likely to be successful. They are responsive, client-focused and service-oriented. We now use them for all our key administration and physician hires. I recommend them very highly.”

President & CEO
Integrated Delivery System

“I found that the key staff members at Lee Calhoon and Co. are experts in the healthcare field and thus were well suited to customizing around my personnel needs. They talked the talk and walked the walk. Consequently, I came away with a fortified national sales force that hit the ground running and exceeded first year budgetary expectations. They then succeeded in staffing other operating companies which we bought or created with outstanding professionals. I couldn't ask for anything more.”

Disease Management Company

“When trying to find the right person for the position of President in a small company, there is often a need to stitch together a very unique and complex suit of skills, personality and experience, and then find the right person to fit that suit. Lee listened to our needs, and tailored the selection of candidates to fit our requirements. He produced enough prospects for both of us to become more exact and articulate about what we were looking for, and then helped us narrow the search to get the perfect fit. The process was as painless as a search effort can be, both for us and for the candidates. The outcome felt natural and correct, and was welcomed by all. I found Lee dedicated his full focus and attention to our assignment whenever it was called for, and was able to produce the results he promised. I can recommend him without reservation.”

Chairman & CEO
Information Systems Company

“I engaged Lee's services as an executive recruiter back in the 1990's. I owned a small business and needed to expand by bringing in the right talent and experience to help me transition the company from a "one-man show" to a professionally managed enterprise. Lee was instrumental in our ability to grow our business into a significant enterprise. He played multiple roles --executive recruiter, business consultant, coach and ultimately a friend. Lee is the most outgoing and friendly person I have ever met. His enthusiasm is contagious. He has a knack for connecting with people and understanding their needs. When he works with you, he wants to know as much about you as possible so his firm can provide first-class, personal service. You will never get lost in Lee's company...he has his hands on everything."

President & CEO
Global, Multi-Channel Healthcare Marketing Services Company

“In today’s health care marketplace, the competition for the very best leadership talent has never been greater. Whenever an employer, health plan, hospital, wellness, total health management, pharmaceutical company or start-up company calls me in need of top notch people I always refer them to Lee Calhoon & Co. I have known Lee for 20+ years and have worked closely with him and a team of others in health care who are acknowledged as the best in their fields in an enterprise we created. There are most likely other good executive search professionals... but I choose to refer Lee Calhoon to all my clients and colleagues when they need a vital resource to recruit the very best executive talent the marketplace has to offer.”

Healthcare Strategy Organization


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