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Search Process

The key to any successful search is the research and preparation given to the assignment. It then becomes a matter of having a complete understanding of the client’s organization, its culture, defining the position, the identification, recruiting, screening and interviewing of candidates, while constantly partnering with the client throughout the search process. Equally important to the success of the assignment is the dedicated work-ethic and instincts Lee Calhoon & Co brings to the search process.

Week 1-2

Needs Assessment
Develop an understanding of the client’s organizational structure, business success measures, competitive landscape, short/long-term goals, and the leadership needs required by the individual we will recruit.

Define the responsibilities, reporting relationships and compensation for the position. Determine the required industry experience, skill sets and competencies, and other personal characteristics the successful candidate must possess. Develop a comprehensive list of companies to be targeted. Compile a pool of potential candidates through networks and sources, database and research records, directories, associations, periodicals and client recommendations.

Week 3-4

Recruit and Evaluate
Contact industry sources, develop network, initiate direct mail, email, and website positing to potential candidates, telephone potentials to stimulate interest, pursue qualified referrals, and market the opportunity, the organization and the location. Evaluate those candidates with the best credentials to determine their “fit” in relation to the position specifications and how they would fit into culture.

Week 5-6

Present Candidates
Submit to client a detailed resume, accompanied by a detailed analysis of our interview findings on the candidate's professional experience, management style and skill sets, and personal traits and characteristics. Identify finalist candidates based on our observations.

Week 6-8

Arrange Candidate Interviews with Client
Assist with the coordination of arranging interviews between the client and each finalist candidate.

Week 8-10

Complete Search
Conduct thorough reference check on the finalist candidate to include contacting peers and colleagues. Assist in negotiation of the offer and structuring of the compensation package.

Maintain periodic contact with the client and the successful candidate during the first year to ensure a smooth transition.


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