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About Our Firm

Depth of Knowledge and Experience
In order to remain competitive in today's evolving healthcare market, organizations need to hire talent that can bring knowledge, experience and networks to their employers. Many firms do not have the internal capabilities ó or simply the time to identify and hire these professionals. With more than 40+ years of healthcare recruiting experience, we have the resources to help your organization continue to grow and prosper by hiring the best talent available. A unique value-added resource we also bring to our clients is the ability to:

Access Business and Strategic Relationships
The rapidly changing landscape of todayís healthcare marketplace highlights the need to align your organization with partners and vendors who truly understand your business, and who can add value in areas beyond the services they provide. This has become the core of our firmís methodology ó to leverage our extensive healthcare industry networks in order to help open doors for our retained search clients, while we help them build the world class management teams required to sustain their continued growth.

Lee Calhoon was one of the first recruiters to recognize the value of human capital in relationships, and how you could leverage these underutilized networks to create new business revenues. Early on, he put this principal to work by opening up the firmís networks for equity in start up companies. Seeing the revenues that were generated because of relationship selling, he increased the scope of his idea by co-founding The Nantucket Group in 1997, a healthcare venture capital fund. The experience our firm has gained by working with entrepreneurial companies has become an invaluable resource as we partner with our clients.

We believe our extensive knowledge of recruiting coupled with our exclusive focus in healthcare, and our first hand experience of how to grow companies utilizing human capital and relationships, gives us the distinct ability to leverage these assets on behalf of our retained search clients.

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